C-Bool stands for clubby house / electro sound, but with a commercial touch.
With, Got 2 know now is the 3rd single of the upcoming, sympathetic DJ at the door and an album should not be long in coming.
House Baby was found on several samplers in Germany and abroad and still enjoys numerous playlists of well-known artists today. House Baby is again an official club board and was already well in front of the official VÖ in many, relevant Top 100 dance charts again. After release reached, how? Would u feel ?? also in all cult status, which are not so firmly integrated in the dance scene.He will not wait long for the follow up of his now big fanbase and will soon be releasing another a la card cracker with the all-telling title "HOUSE BABY".
Would you Feelis still a title that makes a huge splash on all dance floors.Thanks to the collaboration with Dj Flashrider, who catapulted the song into the European Dance Charts via the label Flash-Music, "Would you Feel ?? to the top of many European dance charts with releases in over 14 countries.In a rush, the title climbed to # 1 on the Polish charts. But not only in Poland, but also in the neighboring countries of Poland avanchierte ?? Would you Feel ?? to a floorburner of the special class.He went to the best dance radio in Poland Radio Planeta and presented his own first title and before he knew it he found his song in the MEGA DANCE BEATCHARTS TOP 20 again.Many days and nights passed before he recorded the song "Would you feel ?? in his own studio.Communicate his style to the people on the dancefloors to drive them to the Exctase. But he wanted more, C-BOOL wanted to produce his own sound.He quickly understood what it was about and got a resident Dj job in his hometown.But as well as his beginnings he was very heavy and so it took a long time until he decided to buy 2 turntables and a mixer to pursue his dream job later as a DJ.C-Bool, whose real name is Gregor Cebula comes from Poland and discovered in 1992 the urge to electronic music.
DJ and producer C-BOOL created a success that he never imagined.
Wouldd you feel & "House Baby" Probably the club hits of the 2000s.

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